IV E(x)plory Congress “Innovations in sports”

IV E(x)plory Congress “Innovations in sports”

5-6 October 2016

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia

Free registration website: www. kongres.explory.pl/rejestracja/


The E(x)plory Congress gathers together young innovators and mature start-ups with investors and businesses. Especially for you, for the fourth time, we have invited to Poland some of the greatest representatives of the world of science, innovation and business. We have invited innovators and start-up firms who are changing the world around us. We want them to be a source of inspiration, self-confidence and boldness in your ideas and projects.


E(x)plory Congress structure comprises three levels:


Young innovators - How do I change every-day reality with my ideas?

Start-ups - How does my company influence human life?

Businesses and investors - What kind of innovations do we need these days? What should we invest in, to make our every-day reality better?


More and more people engage in sports. We ride bikes, scooters and skateboards. We run, dance the zumba and do “Nordic walking”. Lots of us are addicted to adrenaline, and we find it in extreme sports. Sport is a way of life for professionals, sporting icons and trendsetters. We admire and copy them. Sports became even a part of the newest nutrition pyramid as the most important element of a healthy daily diet.


Let’s do sports!


Don’t forget that sport is a fascinating field for innovators and scientists - people whose ideas are making our hobbies more valuable and efficient. We ride on bikes that are made in Ghana.. We run in self-lacing shoes.. Our watches measure our blood pressure, check our heart beat and - by the way - they count our steps or the kilometres we ran. The best football players have their own personalized shoes. Goal-line systems finally clarify all doubts during a match. Thanks to new technologies we can share our sports adventures and results with whole world, motivating each other.


Let’s use modern technologies and support people who work to make our free time more efficient and enjoyable.  Thanks to them we want to do more!  What more can sport innovators do for us?


During IV E(x)plory Congress “Innovation in sports” we’ll discuss and dream about sport and its future.


5-6 October in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.